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P25CP - compact and cost-efficient

P25CP is our economically advantageous and small formate precision milling machine for flexible dies.

Although P25CP is a cost-efficient machine type, highly precise guiding systems, ground ball screws, a plane breadbord vacuum table and digital servo drives guarantee for high manufacturing quality.
Two powerful PC-based 32bit multiprocessor path controls are available.

With ideally matching accessories we can offer you a perfectly harmonised manufacturing system.


 Applications:  Processing of cutting edges for flexible dies

  • P25CP

Materials: Steel plates, etched

Technical data
  Working area  
X x Y x Z mm
  500 x 580 x 100
  Axis drive  
  Digital AC servo drive
  Feed rate  
  up to 20
  CNC control  
  andronic KM3060 or KM4 Control
  Milling spindle  
  up to 180.000


Construction details
  firm machine construction due to portal design in cast iron with very short Z-axis
  compact and very economic precision machine
  highly precise due to first-class guiding elements
  plane breadbord vacuum table
  highly dynamic digital drives guarantee for optimum contour accuracy
  modern 32bit multi-processor path control
Direct path measuring system  
Direct path measuring system

Heidenhain diadur glas scales
Encapsulated system
High position accuracy
High repeat accuracy

Camera for adjusting according to reference mark

Display in machine monitor
Monochrome camera with lease
Industrial design

  Camera for adjusting according to reference mark
Z-axis with milling spindle, camera, dust extraction and measuring sensor
Measuring sensor with value indicator

To determine the cutting height
Lift 25 mm

  Measuring caliper with measured value display
Milling spindle packages

Various manufacturers
With roller bearings up to 80.000 RPM
With air bearings, emergency run package up to 180.000 RPM

Laser tool length measuring system

For touchless measuring of tool length and diameter on rotating tool
Sender, receiver, software

  Laser tool measuring system
Tool length measuring system

Hard metal measuring area
Measuring power 2,5N
Repeating accuracy 0,001 mm


We will gladly provide information about further options.

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