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Rubin - HSC without compromise

Rubin, with its large working area is the top model within the JUWEL line.

It has been designed for HSC and is most appropriate for finest contours, high cutting performance and for machining of hardest materials.

An additional device allows to process rollers with large diameter and large barrel length ideally. Crane loading is possible.

A swiveling rotary table offers 5-axis processing.

Further configuration options help to increase efficiency of the machine and allow to customize the machine according to your requirements.



 Applications:  Steel moulds, electrodes, printing- cutting- and embossing rollers, prototypes, dies and embossing tools

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Materials: Steel up to 65 HRC, graphite, aluminium, non-ferrous metals

Technical data:
  Working area  
X x Y x Z mm
  1020 x 800 x 500
1300 x 800 x 500 (SL)
  Axis drive  
  Digital AC servo drive
  Speed rate  
  Up to 50
  CNC control  
  andronic KM3060
  Milling spindle  
kW • 1/min
  Up to 20 / up to 60,000


Design characteristics
  Portal design in cast mineral composite construction guarantees for optimum rigidity and damping
  FEM-optimized component design
  Amply dimensioned backlash-free preloaded precision rail systems and ball screws
  Optimum accessibility and crane loading possibility
  Highly dynamic digital drives
  Modern 32bit multi-processor path control
Direct path measuring system

Heidenhain diadur glas scales
Encapsulated system
High position accuracy
High repeat accuracy

Roller option with additional guideway Dividing head 4th axis

 Dividing heads with direct measuring system
Top height up to 160 mm
Roller diameter up to 320 mm
Barrel length up to 1020 mm

Tool changing system for 16 tools

Various tool cones with gripper groove SK and HSK (up to 32)
Position control
Position encoding

Rotary table 4th + 5th axis

Centric height 120 mm
Swivel area 0-90°
Precision gear 90:1

Milling spindle packages

Various manufacturers
Capacity 1 – 15 kW
Rotational speed up to 80,000 RPM
Air or water cooling
Sk or HSK

Multi-spindle device

For serial parts
Up to 5 milling spindles
Tool changer optionally

3D infrared edge sensor

For change into milling spindle
Wireless with IT receiver
Rubin ball 3 mm
Measuring speed max. 3m/min

Laser tool measuring system

For touchless measuring of tool length and diameter on rotating tool
Sender, receiver, software


We will be glad to inform you about further options

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