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Topas S3/S4 with 3/4 axes · SL3/SL4 with linear drives

The completely new designed Topas type series with the models S3, S4, S5 supersedes our successful model P25S.

The flexible modular construction was continously improved according to market requirements and offers the user maximum precision and reliability.

The 4-axis Topas S4 allows to produce even long rollers for various applications economically.

With linear drives and Diadur glass scales combined with the andronic KM3060 control the Topas SL3/SL4 offers an ideally aligned manufacturing system.

Customer-specific solutions can be realised according to your requirements.


Topas S3 • S4 • S5 • SL brochure (pdf)

 Applications:  Molds, electrodes, prototypes, dies, rollers, embossing tools, serial parts …

  • Topas S3/S4 - universell und produktiv
  • Stahlwalze
  • Stahlform
  • Prägewalze
    Messingwalze zur Fertigung von Verpackungsteilen
  • Stahlform
  • Spritzgussform
  • Raster-Vakuumtisch und 2-Spindel-Einrichtung

Materials: Steel up to 63 HRC, non-ferrous metals, aluminium, stainless steel, plastics …

Technical data:
  Working area  
X x Y x Z mm
  1020 x 750 x 350
  Axis drive  
  Digital AC servo drive
  Speed rate  
  Up to 20; 50 with linear drives
  CNC control  
  KM4 control or andronic KM3060
  Milling spindle  
kW • 1/min
  Up to 10 / up to 60,000


Design characteristics
  High rigidity and damping because of portal type cast iron design
  Composite cast mineral construction guarantees for optimum damping
  Flexibility because of modular construction system
  Backlash-free preloaded precision rail systems and precision ball screws
  Compact design by integrated electronic components
  Powerful drives and shop-oriented control
Work table with integrated vacuum system

Size 850 x 820 mm
Vacuum switchable + rope seal
AL raster vacuum table

Roller option indexing head 4th axis

various dividing heads
top height up to 160 mm
roller diameter up to 320 mm
body length up to 1020 mm

Tool changer for 16 tools

Various tool cones
with gripper groove SK and HSK (up to 32)
Position encoding

Slewable indexing head

2 to 5 spindles
slewing range 0-45°
precision gear

Milling spindle packages

Various manufacturers
Capacity 1 - 10 kW
Rotational speed up to 80,000 RPM
Air or water cooling

Multi-spindle device

For serial parts
Up to 5 milling spindles
Optionally: tool changer

3D infrared edge sensor

For change into milling spindle
Wireless with IR receiver
Rubin ball 3 mm
Measuring speed max. 3m/min

Aluminium breadboard vacuum table and 2-spindle-device

table with 2 switchboard sections
rope seal
adjustable bedstops


We will be glad to inform you about further options

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