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Opal PL with linear drives

OPAL PL is fitted with linear drives, direct path measuring system and 32bit multiprocessor path control.

The top model of this type series leaves nothing to be desired in view to processing speed and -quality.

The drive concept of the OPAL PL is captivating:

  • high speed and acceleration
  • highest precision due to Diadur glass scales
  • wearless and maintenance-free drive system
  • no backlash, not even after years
  • high travel distance possible without problems
  • excellent control quality and positioning accuracy even at high speed
  • touchless power transmission

Opal P / Opal PL brochure (pdf)

 Applications:  front plates, plates, flow charts, control panels, scales, billboards, housings, serial milling parts...

  • Flexible Spannmöglichkeiten
  • Aluminium-Frästeil
  • Integriertes Vakuumsystem
  • Edelstahl-Frontplatten
    ... mit Durchbrüchen und Gravur
  • Serien-Frästeil aus Aluminium
  • Frontplatte mit Fließbild

Materials: stainless steel, steel up to 63HRC, aluminium, brass, copper, plastics, wood ...

Technical data:
  Working area  
X x Y x Z mm
  1.250 x 1.250 x 300
1.250 x 2.000 x 300
1.250 x 2.500 x 300
  Axis drive  
  Digital AC servo drive
  Speed rate  
  up to 50
  CNC control  
  andronic KM3060
  Milling spindle  
kW • 1/min
  Up to 10 / up to 60,000


Design characteristics
  movable portal, double-guided and directly driven from both sides
  linear drives and direct path measuring system
  backlashfree pre-stressed rail guides
  flexibility due to modular construction system. Choice of work table according to customer requirements
  vertikal work table for high workpieces
  32bit multiprocessor path control, short set changing times up to 16 axes
Aluminium work table
with breadboard vacuum system

with rope seal and limit stop

T-slot or breadboard table

Tool changer
with length measuring system

various spindles
multi-spindle operation
position controlled

Laser tool measuring system

for touchless measuring of tool length and diameter on rotating tool
sender, receiver, software

3D infrared edge sensor

for change into milling spindle
wireless with IR-receiver
rubin ball 3 mm
measuring speed max. 3m/min

Milling spindle packages

various manufacturers
capacity 1 - 10 kW
rotational speed up to 60,000 RPM
air or water cooling system

Tool length measuring system

hard metal measuring surface
repeat accuracy 0,001 mm
fixed on X-axis portal outside of working area

Multi-spindle device

for serial parts
up to 5 milling spindles
optional tool changer

Dust extraction

to be mounted on clamping unit
height manually adjustable
connection to external dust extractorr
diameter 26 mm


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